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Into The Wild Wild West: The Daily Herald

The Daily Herald

aug 25, 10:14

Ik heb een ingezonden brief naar de krant gestuurd. Vandaag stond het erin. Omdat alles hier steeds anoniem gaat, heb ik me daaraan maar aangepast. Beetje vreemd, maar goed….


Mr. Siegfried Lampe is one of Statia’s oldest inhabitants. He is 95 years old, was born on Sint Maarten, but spent his childhood on Statia. When he was 12 years old, he lived in the house where now the museum is situated. As a young boy, one of the few white boys on the island, he watched the preachings of Marcus Garvey on the other site of his fence. After his schoolings, Mr. Lampe went to Curacao where he worked as a telegraphist during World War II and after. He played an important part in sinking the Bismarck, the largest battleship the Germans had at that time. In his spare time, he used to play tennis, he still keeps the newspaper articles that proof him to be the club champion for three consecutive years. Although his Curacao days where exciting, he missed Statia. In the 1970’s he returned and he stayed ever since. He never married and he has no children, he is very happy to be alone and independent. Mr. Lampe is a man of science. A lot of people call Mr. Lampe the living encyclopedia, because he knows so much about Statia. He has been a great help to many historians and archeologists, who want to know and write about the remarkable history of the island. He now lives in the old colonial house next to Fort Oranje with his 36 cats. Mr. Lampe has a small pension, which he spends on food for the cats and soy milk for himself. He plays bridge almost every weekend and he is a fierce opponent. He reads the cards without eyeglasses, just as he reads his books without them.

Mr. Lampe is now in Queen Beatrix Medical Centre because somebody beat him up quit severely while he was lying in his bed at night. Last week, somebody climbed over his fence, got in his bedroom and just beat him up. He’s got two black eyes and his face is all yellow and brown because of the bruises. This is the third time he has been beaten up.

The police asked him to make a statement and so he did. He asked them if they could watch his house at night and catch the one that does this. The police said they could not do such a thing without permission of the Governor. So Mr. Lampe says: “I go back home to be beaten up again.”

Isn’t there something to do about this situation?

A concerned citizen.


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